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  • municipal properties
  • pools
  • driveways
  • bridges and much more.
  • rust
  • weather build up
  • oil build up
  •  paint
  • grease
  • dried glue
  • caulking 

Commercial Eco-friendly cleaning

Surface preparation for epoxy application.

Cleans and restores any type of surface including metal, aluminum, fiberglass, stainless steal, stone, granite, tiles, marble, and even wood surface.

yet gentle enough to keep industrial tanks, railing, cement flooring, and other surfaces look like new

  • commercial buildings
  • public garages
  • parking Structures
  • playgrounds
  • fleet vehicles
  • heavy machinery
  • trucks
  • tractors
  • trailers
  • railroad Cars and much more
  • classic cars
  • modern cars
  • coach buses
  • aircraft
  • campers
  • RVs


Since we are mobile and our system creates NO DUST, we can come to you and blast your project right where it is.

Automotive/Aviation Restoration

Paint and Rust removal, Perfect for restoring all types of transportation including: 

  • Quick removal
  • re-profiling CONCRETE 
  • Eco Friendly (nontoxic)
  • Multi layer penetration  stripping
  • Resotres original Surface
  • LArge Scale or Small spot cleaning


ECO Dustfree Blasting Services

Graffiti / Paint Removal

For big jobs, we've got everything you need to get them cleaned up quick.

Industrial Cleaning


Depaint and degrease all in one easy step, eco friendly, and inhibits rust for up to 72 hours.

Our machine is tough on: